Utility Coordination

Utility coordination is a process to ensure timely responses to legal mandate projects, whether they are initiatiated by the State DOT, Illinois Toll Highway System, county and municipal roadway projects. Typically, utility companies are granted permits to occupy the right of way to service customers and in exchange utility companies must comply with adjustment/relocation of facilities when directed to do so by the jurisdiction’s spearheading agency.

The Comdesco Group offers utility coordination services for legal mandate projects within State, county and municipal jurisdictions as well as private site developments. This service includes plan reviews, coordination with all known utilities, conflict report generation, and negotiating design changes to minimize conflict. Comdesco can also represent you in any required jurisdiction or coordination related meetings.


Utility delay in legal mandate projects are the most common cause for project overuns which are ultimately passed down to the spearheading agency as well as the taxpayer. These can also be passed onto the utility that caused the delay.

For a detailed description, see the following documentation from the Illinois Department of Transportation, Bureau of Design & Environment Manual (2010 edition), Chapter 6.


Utility related conflicts can cause delays and significant cost added to roadway construction project. Every new project requires a detailed review of the existing utilities in place and an analysis of potential conflict with proposed underground structures. Our experienced utility coordination team can effectively identify conflicts on proposed plans, and propose solutions, either by “adjusting” the route of your facilities, or in some cases proposing design changes minimizing or eliminating the need to relocate your facilities. Our designers also will ensure that any relocations are coordinated with other utilities, ensuring conflicts do not develop during the course of the project. Our efforts are focused on saving our clients time and money.