A solid well designed underground utility starts with solid field data.¬†Comdesco employs state of the art GPS grade field survey gear to provide sub-centimeter accuracy for our designs. Our field engineers are trained in the use of TRIMBLE “Rover” and “Robot” VRS networked surveying equipment along with TRIMBLE handheld data collectors. All collected data is uploaded to our CAD design department where it is translated into the base for your proposed design. A few of the ways we use our field survey gear include:

  • Collecting landmark, structure, utility, and other field data to build an accurate base
  • Staking out a designed route for construction
  • Marking location of physically located utilities
  • Collecting accurate as-built data
  • Locating your facilities from previously collected as-built data


With surveying, field data can be quickly translated into a CAD format eliminating hours of time required to interpret and translate hand written field notes while eliminating human error. Surveying also provides field data is typically sub-centimeter accurate. This ensures your design will not conflict with other utilities or known structures due to measurement errors. Finally, with the data loaded back into our field units, we can easily find the same point in the field to stake out a route, or locate existing facilities with ease.

If you engage with Comdesco for field inspection services, our inspectors will facilitate the use of field survey gear to record as-built data points for your project during or immediately after construction. This means accurate and fast translation and delivery of as-built data, opposed to attempting to work with “red-lined” drawings provided by other sources.