One of the challenges faced with any construction project is determining the correct permitting jurisdictions, and obtaining all required permits. On any given project, you may be faced with obtaining permits from State Highway Departments, counties, townships and municipalities, forest preserve districts, Army Corps of Engineers, Power and Phone Companies for duct or pole occupancy, and potentially more. In some cases, private property easements or use agreements are required (e.g. railroads or private land owners). Many permitting jurisdictions will require your contractor to be registered, and possibly to post a bond or show evidence of specific liability insurance coverage.


Comdesco¬†will navigate through all of these questions on your behalf to ensure the timely completion of your project. We’ve developed a process to determine specific jurisdictional requirements and over the course of time fostered a network of contacts with State, county, city, and many other permitting jurisdictions. We know the specific processes, forms and fees required for most jurisdictions in and around the Chicago area, and know the right questions to ask for any jurisdiction to ensure requirements are met.

Comdesco¬†will present proper forms and plans for your project to all required jurisdictions, determine the permitting fees, and work directly with the jurisdictions to ensure your project is approved for construction. We will also integrate our knowledge of different jurisdictions’ review timeline requirements with your project schedule to ensure realistic expectations.

If private land use agreements are required to complete your project, we can negotiate on your behalf, or work with your legal department to complete the documentation required to ensure the legality of the presence of your infrastructure is never in doubt.