Broadband network planning requires more than just engineering know-how.¬† With extensive experience designing all types of broadband network, employing a variety of technologies, you can trust Comdesco to bring creative, yet rock-solid networks. All of our engineers bring a degree of pragmatic creativity to the table – meaning that while we’re grounded in reality, we know that the truly great network needs a dose of innovative, creative¬† thinking.

During the planning stage Comdesco takes a hard look not only at the technical requirements, but also can include:

  • The Target Market – Who are we serving, at what level, and what is the vision for sustainability and growth?
  • The Competitive Landscape – Who are your competitors and what gaps have they left for you to exploit?
  • The Technology – What technology(s) will help you meet your customers’ requirements?
  • The Cost – We design to your budget, keeping in mind that only a solid network will be sustainable and profitable in the long term.
  • The Engineering – Actual CAD files, with drawings and everything! Comdesco can provide actual design of fiber optic and wireless networks