Sectors Served

Businesses and organizations, citizens, government entities. We’re all more dependent than ever on technology, Internet based applications, and the robust broadband networks needed to support them.

Investments in ultra-fast broadband and fiber networks are seeing significant return on investment for the efficiencies and opportunities they provide. All over North America Comdesco is building networks that stimulate economic development, foster job growth and entrepreneurship, lower costs, and increase collaboration and competitiveness. We’re astute at designing, building, and maintaining broadband networks for a myriad of needs, including:


A leader in the design and build of broadband facilities, Comdesco builds trans-sector digital infrastructure and applications and uses open network service provider and exchange services. Our leadership team has decades of experience developing community broadband, applying both best practices and flexibility and customized solutions for each and every project, employing:

  • Open Network Architecture (ONA) based on scalable fiber, wireless and Ethernet technologies;
  • Open Network Exchange (ONE) providing network-to-network exchange of services between providers; and,
  • Open Network Provider (ONP) framework for others to leverage digital infrastructure and services.


Advanced Networks

Comdesco helps carriers and community anchor institutions design and build advanced networks. We assist where ultra-fast broadband networks are no longer a luxury, but a requirement, including:

  • Hospitals and medical centers for health information technology as well as an expanded use of telemedicine.
  • Counties, cities, municipalities that require robust infrastructure to run 21st century applications and drive efficiencies.
  • Utilities and communities looking to develop an infrastructure that will allow them to implement smart and green energy. Comdesco designs and validates energy technologies and installing and monitoring IP based energy management systems, providing innovative solutions for both energy producers and commercial enterprises.
  • State-of-the-art, ultra-fast networks to serve the needs of the education sector, both K-12, colleges and universities.


Tech Parks and Data Centers

Comdesco helps technology and industrial parks thrive with robust broadband services that make your location more than just another possible office location, but rather a destination for businesses looking to compete, innovate, and thrive in a 21st century economy. There are critical components to office park initiatives that include proper planning for scaling and growth that only Comdesco is capable of bringing.  We work hand-in-hand with developers through this process and offer a full range of business modeling, vendor selection and management, infrastructure design, capitalization and ‘go-to-market’ services.